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Data Wiper Software is a wiping tool, developed by Pro Data Doctor, used to wipe all deleted significant, unused files and folders from your data storage devices like hard disks and USB removal storage media drives. The main advantage of data cleanup software is that it secures your PC by permanently erasing all your deleted confidential files and folders which cannot be retrieved by any data recovery software tools.

The permanent data eraser tool is like an anti software recovery program for data recovery software. Since deleting the data from recycle bin only removes the file name from root directory, the data pertains there. Thus anyone can regain the deleted data by using data restorer software which may lead to undesirable events. Data wiper tool eliminates all the unwanted and significant data present in the memory of your computer or USB devices.

The secure data wiper provides comprehensive complete solutions to wipe all web page records, cookies left by internet sites, clear the history folder, remove URL address, temporary internet files, unused space of drives, system files (deleted files of recycle bin, administrator temporary files, clipboard contents, recent documents, recent network folders, system register traces, windows event log, unused clusters), deleted Microsoft application files (power point, access, excel, paint, notepad, Microsoft word, WordPad, window media player files, management console files), etc.

Data eliminator software utility works on non-destructive and destructive wiping modes. The non-destructive wiping cleans up all the deleted files and folders which improve the overall speed and efficiency of your computer system. On the other hand destructive wiping permanently removes selected or entire data of the disk sector irrespective of the data saved in that portion of disk sector.

Data Eraser Software tool is simple and have easy functionality. The data wiper program has a user interactive feature and does not require any technical skills to operate on permanent data removal software.

Data Wiper Software Feature
  • Permanently removes all your deleted significant files and folders.
  • Wipes unused disk space for better system performance.
  • Erases web page contents, cookies, temp files, URL address, history folder, recent documents, Microsoft applications and system files etc.
  • Works on both destructive and non-destructive modes.
  • Completely delete all the duplicate files and directories.
  • We can view all the records, files and folders before deleting it permanently.
  • Simple and have easy functionality.
  • No technical skills are required to operate on data wiper software.