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Why keylogger software – Growing use of Internet technology is certainly becoming a big problem for Parents as kids spend most of their time on PC engaged in online chatting or email activities.

Similarly in Corporate world, Office managers are worried about their staff work activities as generally employees watch movies, match scorecard, check personal mails during business hours.

It is difficult to keep eye on their activities personally. The Solution is to install keylogger software on such Desktop or Laptops which intercepts all keystrokes including chat history, emails and other keystroke typed. Install keystroke logger program and get relieved from all your tensions as track keyboard typing activities in hidden mode.

Surveillance features

Software operates in complete surveillance mode and does not appear in Add/Remove program list, Startup menu, Installation folder path and remains hidden from desktop icon.

Features and capabilities
  • Records keystroke details.
  • Generate record of recorded keystroke details in txt and html file formats.
  • Password protected utility prevents unauthorized software access.
  • Option to use Hot key and Run command settings to access the software when operates in hidden mode.
  • Send log files using advance email settings.
  • Record multiple user accounts.
  • Simple to use computer monitoring software.
  • Download free keylogger trial (available to download from the website) and evaluate features and working capabilities.