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Keylogger Software
Keylogger Software Function

All about Keylogger software is one of the leading provider of Keylogger monitor software (known as computer keylogger software) useful for both corporate and home users to monitor employees, spouse and other similar user activities performed on computer devices. keyloggers software always works in invisible mode so other users cannot detect its installation on PC. Computer monitor keyboard program (popular as keyboard keylogger software or parental monitoring software) secretly monitors entire activities that takes place on your PC machine. Key recorder software helps to record all activities including email, password, clipboard activities, chat details etc. Messenger keylogger software easily records entire voice chat conversions and email conversions performed by the user on computer. Email logger software provides facility to record entire email activities in simplified way.

Keylogger freeware easily tracks and monitors entire activities performed by the user on computer (Please remember Freeware software version is only for evaluation purpose usage and works with limited functionality only)..

Functions of keylogger software

Keystrokes logging

Key logger software provides keystroke recording functionality that records entire keystroke activities in easy way. Download keylogger freeware to easily evaluate software salient features. After satisfying you can use Keylogger full download program after placing order for it.

Screenshot capturing

computer activity monitoring tool has ability to capture all screen shots at the fixed time interval. Undetectable keylogger software secretly records all activities that take place on your computer devices in simple way. We provide download demo version of free key logger software to evaluate the features of the software.

Internet activities recording

Computer spying program easily tracks entire web activities including visited websites, sites titles, clicked links, chat and email conversions etc. Use trial version of Keylogger free downloads program to know more about the functionality of the software.

Chat message recording

Computer activity monitor software record all chat conversations. Keylogger programs software is fully capable to record all voice chat conversions of yahoo messenger, gmail and other programs.

Report generating

Keylogger spy software quickly generates reports of all user activities and provides an option to send generated reports at the user specified email address. We provide trial of Keylogger free download program to evaluate the features and working of the program

Recording multiple user account

Computer surveillance software program has capacity to record activities of multiple users logged on your PCS or laptop devices. Computer monitor software quickly monitors all activities like email, password and website URLs etc. You can use trial version of download key logger to know the features of the software.