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Pocket PC Forensic Software is an important investigation tool designed and developed by Pro Data Doctor for examining and extracting the complete detail of your pocket PC, PDA, smart phones, mobile phones, etc. PDA forensic software tool performs the detail analysis and fetches all the information from windows based pocket PC, smart phones and PDA mobile phones.

PDA forensic software analyzes all the files, folders, database information, operating system, registry detail and complete phone information of your windows based PDA phones, smart phones, and pocket pc. Windows based mobile forensic software provides full information about software and hardware architecture of phone devices like operating system type and version, device name, processor architecture and memory usage.

Pocket PC forensic investigation software shows all the phone information like phone book numbers, contact detail with their name, IMSI number of sim card, mobile model and the number, battery number, memory status, phone book capacity both of sim card and phone, SMS capacity both in Sim card and phone memory, manufacturer detail and other related information

PDA monitoring software provides you the facility of saving all the information and records of your pocket PC/PDA phones at the specified location on your computer system for future use. The mobile investigation software utility also generates the detail report of your PDA phone and displays it in the text format.

Windows mobile monitoring software utility plays a vital role during investigation and forensic research. Data Doctor forensic software is simple and easy to use. The cell phone forensic software is highly interactive and do not require any technical skills to operate.

Silent Features of Pocket PC Forensic Software:
  • Extracts all the information of windows based mobile phone, PDA phones, etc. like operating system, registry detail, database information, detail of files and folders, and other such types.
  • Examines all the information of your phone like phonebook number, battery number, IMSI number of your sim card, phonebook and SMS capacity of your phone and sim card, memory status, manufacturer detail, and other such information.
  • Generates phone detail report generation facility in the text format.
  • PDA monitoring software plays a vital role in forensic investigations.
  • Have the user interactive feature.
  • Mobile forensic software has simple and easy functionality.
  • No requirement of any technical skills
  • Records keystroke details.
  • Easily recovers all lost passwords created on most popular Microsoft Outlook and Outlook mail accounts.
  • Support all major latest versions of MS Office Outlook and Outlook Express.
  • Reveals all identity passwords and works with all major versions of Outlook and Outlook express.
  • The password retrieval utility is very easy to use and does not require any prior technical skills to operate it.