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USB Data Protection Tool for Windows Network


Category : Security Utility

USB Data Protection Tool is monitoring software for windows network that keep an eye on the insertion/ removal activity of the USB storage device on the client machine. The windows LAN based monitoring software is designed to prevent the unauthorized access of stored data, information, files and folders within the windows network.

The USB data leakage protection software provides both offline and real time monitoring facility to you. The offline monitoring facilitates you the insertion and removal of USB storage device on client machine even if the network is not connected.

The USB activity monitoring utility displays all information of server/client system network like domain IP, domain name, client machine IP, client machine name, server machine IP, server machine name. The USB drive disabling software provides different logs to check the activity of USB storage devices. Some of these are:-

Monitoring Log

The USB activity monitoring tool displays the complete detail of the USB mass storage device, the date and time when the USB storage device is inserted and removed, and also the name and capacity of the USB storage device getting accessed on the client computer system.

Activity Log

Make the documentation of log files having details of change in the access setting and permission restriction. Thus all the log file detail of the client computer system can be converted into text format and you can save it at your specified location. You can even delete all the log files after restoring them at your specified location. The network USB data theft protection tool is easy to use monitoring software and do not require any technical skills to operate work on it. Many organizations whether small or large using our USB drive monitor software raise their network security and protecting stored data and files from getting accessed through USB storage devices on client machine.

On the other hand the real time monitoring provides you the facility to check the unauthorized access of files and folders to the USB storage device on the client machine during the establishment of network connection. If anyone tries to access any stored data from the client machine without the permission then a signal in the form of sound starts playing in the server machine.

Key Feature of USB Activity Monitoring Software
  • Protects important data and information from getting accessed through USB storage devices on windows LAN based network.
  • Provides offline and real time monitoring network facility to you.
  • Capable of checking the unauthorized data accessibility even there is no network connection.
  • A signal in the form of sound plays if usb device is accessed on any client machine.
  • Prepare the monitoring log and activity log files of the restricted activities happening on the client machine.
  • Supports various USB mass storage devices like pen drives, USB cameras, USB flash card, USB mp3 player, USB audio-video players, USB portable hard disk, pocket PCs, mobile phones, iPods, and other USB data storage devices.